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People oriented, Loyalty and undertaking, Innovation and change, Pioneering and initiative
People oriented
As the basic cell of social economy, the main executor of productivity development and the main embodiment of improving production relations, people oriented is “cultural institutions” and human organizations for employees to realize their self-worth, seek spiritual pursuit and assume social responsibility. In the process of production and operation, we should not only consider our own economic interests, but also the interests of people and society. We should unify the value rationality of profitability and social responsibility, and constantly create greater comprehensive social benefits. Only in this way can enterprises be recognized by the society and their vitality will never be exhausted.
Loyalty and undertaking
Employees are responsible for their duties, do their work carefully and conscientiously, and accomplish their work everyday. Keep your positive energy and think positively. Be brave enough to shoulder the responsibility without shirking it. Do not evade problems in any situation and take the initiative to find solutions to them. Actively identify and prevent mistakes in work. Maintain the reputation of the enterprise. We should strive for excellence in our work, manage our work as our own business, take action to save money and open up resources for enterprises, and maximize personal value.
Innovation and change
Innovation is the power resource of an enterprise and the fundamental power to achieve high-speed development. Management innovation, technological innovation and business model innovation are all important contents of innovation, which must be promoted in coordination. On the one hand, we should speed up the implementation of intelligent transformation of production equipment, and constantly improve the level of intelligence of products and services. On the other hand, it is necessary to construct innovative business model to meet the requirements of the Internet era. We should use new philosophical thinking to implement innovative new products, new channels, new business models, new management methods, new organizational structure and other strategies to create new value for customers and enterprises. Only by solving problems for customers and enterprises in essence can we improve the competitiveness and profit source of enterprises.
Pioneering and initiative
Insisting on taking the lead and giving full play to the role of leading and demonstrating, we must practically exercise our self-cultivation, and set an example around with our own character and personality strength from time to time. On the one hand, we should have a strong sense of enterprise and high sense of responsibility. We should base ourselves on our own work and work hard for our company. In practical work, we can conscientiously practice the moral standards and values we advocate, and strive to be a model of pragmatism and progress. On the other hand, we need to enhance our business level and adaptability. No matter how the economic situation changes, we can withstand the test. We should always maintain Shenying’s style. In our daily life, we should be able to strictly discipline ourselves, follow the rules and regulations and strive to be a model for enterprises.