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Attitude decides everything, and details decide success or failure.
Employees’attitude determines whether they can do this job and this thing more perfectly. At the same time, it also decides whether we can take a higher position. Recognizing that you are working for yourself means understanding self-responsibility and self-motivation. Only by being responsible for oneself and motivating oneself to make progress can one master one’s own destiny and be more likely to succeed than others.
When a person really becomes a member of society, responsibility has been unconsciously discharged on his shoulders. So we need to pay attention to the details, establish a strong sense of responsibility, and do every little thing around us. If anyone really does every little thing around him in detail, then he is a not a simple employee, but an extraordinary employee.
Details determine success or failure, responsibility creates brilliance, and lets us seize the opportunity, meticulous and down-to-earth success on every step of the road.