The mission of the company is developing the enterprise, serving the country, contributing to the society and make employees succeed.

Development of the Enterprise

Guided by the advanced management concept and based on a high-quality professional staff team. Shenying has been built into an enterprise with flexible mechanism, advanced technology, scientific management, rational structure, strong innovation, reliable quality and remarkable efficiency with strong market competitiveness.

Serving the Country

The company gives full play to the company’s due role in the national economic system. Its mission is to serve the country with industrial achievements, devoted to research and creation, keeping forging ahead and always at the forefront of the trend of the time.

Contributing to the Society

It adheres to the high unity of economic responsibility and social responsibility;promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, protecting the ecological environment and be enthusiastic about social public benefit, building a harmonious society and showing the corporate image of responsibility, integrity, green, safety and harmony.

Making Employees Succeed

Development for employees, development depends on employees, and development achievements shared by employees, so as to realize, maintain and develop the fundamental interests of employees to the maximum extent.