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Having both ability and virtue, and taking virtue first

The company strictly adheres to the standards of morality and fair employment, break the limits of employment, encourage the enthusiasm of cadres, and strive to create a loyal and clean team of high-quality cadres.

It adheres to the principle of having both ability and virtue but taking virtue first. Virtue includes ideological morality, professional morality, social morality, family virtue, etc. Talent cadres should be excellent in the demands above and the most important thing is to be excellent in ideological morality.

The company adheres to fair employment. Only by employing people fairly can we find the talents we need. Fair employment is the fundamental principle for us to choose and employ people. Fair employment should be based on the interests of the company to select and employ cadres;adhere to the principle of putting career first, selecting people according to the circumstances and adapting people to their positions.

The company should break the limits of employing people and let the talents of all aspects be fully exerted; select the talents that have been honed and let the talents without practical experience go through the exercise in practice and grow their courage and talents in the difficult situation at the same time.