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Caofeidian District of Hebei Free Trade Zone is favored by domestic and foreign businessmen




Japan’s Kikuisami Co., Ltd. President Takahiro Sato visited the Caofeidian Free Trade Zone    Reporter    Fu Weizheng


Bohai News Network (Reporter Fu Weizheng) On September 1, the second day after Caofeidian District of Hebei Free Trade Zone was listed. In the afternoon, I.B.D., the head of the Imported Bonded Goods Direct Business Center with the largest bonded commodity store in Tangshan City, and the businessmen in Sakata, Japan, went to Caofeidian to visit warehouse and wharf to discuss in-depth cooperation.

The newly listed Caofeidian Section of China (Hebei) Free Trade Pilot Area is a gold-lettered sign of Tangshan’s open development. It not only brings hard core“dividends”to the development of local enterprises, but also gains the favor of overseas businessmen and attracts high-quality capital to invest in Caofeidian. The Japanese Kikuisami Co., Ltd. came from the Tangshan friendly city-Sakata, and has abundant agricultural resources such as alcohol and rice. It has always had the willingness to actively explore the Chinese market. The establishment of the free trade zone is exactly a very good opportunity for them. President Takahiro Sato said that Japanese sake was very strict in terms of storage conditions. Caofeidian’s storage facilities and port conditions are beyond imagination, and it can perfectly preserve the taste of Japanese sake. Han Yizheng, general manager of I.B.D. Imported Bonded Goods Direct Business Center, said that in addition to warehousing and self-sale, the company would gradually develop the e-commerce sector and make full use of the favorable platform of the free trade zone.