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Program Transformation of Lime Kiln Public Auxiliary System at Hegang Leting Steel Co., Ltd



(1) The automatic feeding system can automatically start the feeding equipment to replenish the kiln front warehouse when the material level is low, and when multiple kiln front warehouses have low material levels, priority is given to replenish the lowest kiln front warehouse. When all the kiln front warehouses are fully replenished, it automatically stops;

(2) Automatic ash discharge system, after preselecting the corresponding finished product warehouse of the kiln, can prioritize selecting the warehouse with the lowest material level during ash discharge, and automatically switch to the warehouse with the lowest material level when the finished product warehouse material level is high.

When the operator fails to observe in a timely manner or other emergency situations occur, the kiln will not be shut down due to the empty raw material warehouse or the full finished product warehouse.