The company aims to enhance its value by product quality, to be a domestic leading and well-known enterprise in the world first class.

Improve Value by Quality

Quality is the comprehensive strength of a company and quality can also raise the value of the customer . It is absolutely impossible to create fine quality only by relying on manufacturing ability. All employees of the company including personnel department need to move forward to a well target. If science and technology are the first productivity then the quality of the product is the direct strength that mostly embodied the company’s ability.

Domestic Leading and International First-class

A relatively complete value chain and mutual supporting industry groups has been formed in a certain range mainly among the business of international trade, catering and hotel, retail service and so on. We aim to become a domestic leading and industry leader of world first class.

Established Enterprise

With the first-class resource acquisition ability, market organization ability, industry leadership ability and other hard power as well as soft power like advanced management philosophy, scientific management system and attractively corporate culture and so on. It has received reputation and good feedback from the industry and society.