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Do as you say, say as you did, do one thing and make it one piece and today’s job must be done by the end of the day.

Employees should adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, saying and doing the same.

Words must be truthful, always keeping a truth-seeking and pragmatic attitude and do not be over humble on the achievements, summarize experience and improve the ability; analyze the causes of the issues and be brave in taking responsibility.

Words must be true. Speak the truth. Don't speak cliches or falsehoods. Remove any falsehood of speaking and do not play on words and numbers.

Words and work must be sincere; be the same both outside and inside; do not engage in power tactics; do not act as one who never tries to offend anybody; and be brave in doing jobs.

Today’s business should to be done by today. Everyone should manage his/her own time, eliminate the procrastination work attitude, break down the issues encountered in the work, adhere to ‘no-excuses to complete the daily tasks’, improve work efficiency and the employee’s own personality charm to establish the corporate image.