Hebei Xinda Steel Company (2+1) × 600 ton Melz Kiln EPC General Contracting Project



In February 2012, the company undertook the "General Contracting Project of Hebei Iron and Steel Group Xinda Steel Co., Ltd.'s 600t/d Converter Gas Double Bore Vertical Kiln". The project broke ground on March 1, 2012 and has now been put into operation smoothly. In this project, our company has made multiple improvements to the process layout and equipment set, with a focus on practical applications, based on our rich experience in the actual operation of double chamber vertical kilns

1. The dust removal system eliminates the need for motor vehicles to transport the dust and directly discharges it into the powder bin, reducing operating costs.

2. Introduce the air and smoke released during the reversing process into the main dust collector to improve the environmental pollution caused by the smoke released during the reversing of the original double chamber kiln.

3. The nationally produced PLC automatic control system greatly reduces investment costs.

4. The central control room of the company's standard mode is also applied to the Xinda project.