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I'll do it, do it right away, and do it well
I'll do it:change the work style and do a good job of “I will do it”. We should resolutely resist shirking responsibility, delaying progress, idleness and idleness. By contrasting these phenomena, we should always remind ourselves that we should be grateful to Shenying Group and cherish our work so as to create a good image and excellent performance with a good work style.
Do it right away:Put “do it right away” in the first place. Time is efficiency. Efficiency is benefit. Everything needs speed, timeliness and initiative to win. For every employee of the company, it is necessary to find out the problems and solve them without delay, so that today’s work can be finished, measures should be carefully formulated, responsibilities should be fulfilled, tasks should be quantified, and tasks should be carried out immediately to ensure the successful completion of various tasks.
Do it well:Taking problem solving as the orientation, assessment and supervision as the impetus, we should work together to “do it well”. On the one hand, we should implement performance management, standardize its implementation, and transform key tasks into quantifiable and supervisory performance indicators through the full coverage of performance management in the company. On the other hand, we should strengthen supervision to promote implementation. We should implement the reward and punishment system, praise the work who have done well, and punish the individuals and units who have done lazy, slow and inactive things found in the implementation. We should transfer positive energy, constantly enhance the firm execution force, innovate the system, and truly transfer the positive energy, which is I'll do it, do it right away, do it well.